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Massages & Body Treatments

Deluxe slimming body TREATment 90 min $350.00
Slimming, detoxifying and firming treatment.  Start with dry body brush to stimulate lymphatic drainage and detox. Limon slimming oil to tone the body with cupping to encourage lymphatic drainage and help with cellulite.  Next, you are wrapped in a mylar to further detox while getting scalp massage, hand and feet treatment. 

Head to Toe Treat 90 min $300.00
Most relaxing and pampering massage and body treatment. Start with dry body brush, customized massage using CBD oil or Arnica lotion including coconut scalp treatment, hand and foot scrub.  The ultimate relaxing treat for you and your loved ones.

Lymphatic 90 min  $210
Lymphatic drainage gently targets areas of the body where lymph vessels are accessible in order to relieve swelling in the lymphatic system

Hot Stone Massage 60/90 min  $150/$190
Specialist massage using flat, smooth, heated stones on the palms of hands, spine and legs to assist with easing muscle tension address soft tissue throughout the body

Deep Tissue 60/90 min $135/$175
Firm to deep pressure massage to relieve muscle tension in the layers of muscle and fascia (connective tissue surrounding your muscles)

Swedish   60/90 min $125/$160
Relaxing light to firm pressure massage to help with blood circulation

Maternity Massage 50 min $135.00
Similar to Swedish massage with appropriate body positioning to keep baby safe and comfortable

Add Ons $25.00
Hand scrub
Foot scrub
Scalp treatment

Add Ons $20.00
Sea Salt Stone
Dry Brush

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